Trio of brothers Max, Fred & Cees Liet founded Trioliet in Purmerend in 1950. Still a family owned company to this day, it has become renowned for it’s production of high quality livestock feeding equipment. After it’s acquisition of Mullos, Trioliet became known as Trioliet Mullos. In 2007, Robert Liet, son of one of the founders, ascended to the role of company director.

Offering a vast array of comprehensive and specialist feeding equipment such as silage cutters, diet feeders, self loading/propelling mixer feeders, automatic feeding machines and much more, Trioliet places high value on continually developing technology and coming up with new and innovative solutions to help the modern livestock farmer to manage a farm efficiently.

Trioliet exports over 80% of it’s creations to over 50 countries around the world, providing professionals with the very best quality machinery for silage cutting, loading, mixing and feeding – easy to use, and reliable. Day in, day out.

As a company, Trioliet has made a huge investment in it’s commitment to sustainability and helping to preserve the environment. This is realised through producing machines that are designed to be more economical and create less waste. Lower fuel consumption and water tanks attached to straw blower units to reduce dust are just some examples of the initiatives the company are taking forward to honour their aforementioned commitment to the environment. To read in more detail about the companies green policies and initiatives, visit

Why choose Trioliet?

  • Family – owned company, run by one of the original founder’s sons
  • Offer a wide range of specialist feeding equipment, both automatic and manual
  • Distribution to over 50 countries worldwide
  • Premium quality machinery, manufactured with ease of use and reliability in mind
  • Committed to developing new solutions and improving existing technologies

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