Sky’s innovative grain drills are the brain child of founder and managing director David Guy, a farmer and agricultural engineer, who used his own knowledge and expertise to develop the machinery, including using his own farm land for testing.

Introduced to the market at the SIMA show in 2013, the brand has already made a large impact on the agricultural market in France and is now being distributed in several countries around the world.

Distributed by OPICO, these trailed drills are designed to match and compliment the high quality of the HE-VA cultivation machinery already under the OPICO heading and meet the demands and challenges modern farming presents.

Manufactured in the factories of SULKY, employing both state of the art facilities and their extensive agricultural knowledge and experience , the key to Sky’s success is in the detailed quality controlled checks carried out during manufacture, with the high quality finish of the products notable at first glance.

The Sky teams based in the UK and France are trained to provide top quality, specialist technical support and advice, with a sound knowledge of the direct drilling techniques being used.

Why choose Sky?

  • First class customer technical support and after sales advice
  • Drills built to withstand a high seasonal workload
  • Distributed by the world renowned OPICO brand
  • Created and tested by a farmer on his own land
  • Manufactured to the very highest standards, in state of the art facilities
  • Innovative, modern brand

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