OPICO is the largest independent distributor of agricultural machinery, acting as sole UK importer not only for it’s own brand, but also for Sky, HE-VA, Strautmann and Maschio Gaspardo, encompassing a wide range of agricultural parts and machinery.

Under it’s own name, the brand distributes a large variety of grassland machines, posthole diggers, Avadex applicators, gas and diesel batch grain dryers and much more.

In recent years, OPICO has placed a major focus on grassland and arable farming agronomy, constantly aiming to improve the efficiency and quality of it’s machinery to meet the demands of modern farming. This focus has seen the company benefiting from the sharing of knowledge with companies such as Masstock and Openfield on oilseed rape, as well as Limagrain, Growhow, UPL and ACT on grassland issues.

Why choose OPICO?

  • Over five decades of experience in agriculture
  • Responsible for UK distribution of several large agricultural brands
  • Largest independent distributor of agricultural machinery
  • Focused on how their machines can help improve arable and grassland farming

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