CASE IH Advanced Farming Systems can help you take your farming practises to the next level.

Using an antenna to connect to the Global Navigation Satellite System, AFS can help you to achieve a repeatable accuracy of up to 2.5cm, reducing fuel costs, saving time and using less seeds and fertiliser in the process.

Advanced Farming Systems can help open up a whole new world of farming, allowing for simpler, more efficient operations across the whole crop production cycle.

And why stop there?

AFS can offer so much more…

Fleet management software allows you to access and track vital information on all your tractors, including fuel levels, locations and so much more!

ISOBUS software simplifies the link between tractor and machine – no need to change controls every time you change your attachment, the touchscreen device installed in the cab acts as a universal controller for any attached machinery – even those made by other manufacturers!

Customer satisfaction is the priority throughout the CASE IH brand, so we don’t just sell you the software, we give you all the tools & knowledge you need to ensure you get maximum potential from your new purchase.

A dedicated team of specially trained engineers man a dedicated AFS support centre from 7am – 7pm every day, and are on hand to help you should you have any issues or concerns with your software.

All purchasing customers also gain access to the official CASE IH AFS Academy app, which tells you everything you need to know to get you set up and going with your new software!

You can click here to browse our current AFS stock.

Alternatively, more detailed information on AFS can be found by clicking here to visit the dedicated AFS page on the CASE IH website.